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What tests should be done for thyroid, and why?

testing thyroid Feb 02, 2021

Are you struggling to understand your thyroid and get the right treatment?

In this video, Dr. Thoma shares an explanation of how the different elements of the thyroid work, and the proper testing that can be done to ensure you are getting the proper treatment, whether it be for TSH, T4, T3, TPO, or Thyroglobulin.

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If you have more questions, drop them in the comments, or see Dr. Thoma at his clinic, Total Health Correction, in Chesterfield Missouri by calling 636-207-6600.

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Wondering if You Should Try an Elimination Diet?

diet elimination diet Jan 26, 2021

I have a number of patients that come in to me having digestive issues...they're having weight gain, they don't feel good, and we began to talk about doing elimination diets.

Many of you have heard me talk about eliminating the big six, particularly, how well you'll feel if you do, and how to reintroduce them later.

Elimination diets can be a tool that helps us find out the underlying cause for many of our conditions, whether it be anxiety, depression, stomach aches, acid reflux, headaches, or ringing in the ears.

When we do an elimination diet, especially using a retrospective journal, we can find out what's causing your problems, eliminate them from our lifestyle and our diet, and feel good.

If you have questions about elimination diets, call our office, 636-207-6600, to come in for an appointment.

We'll sit down and go over a nutritional plan that will work for you, and help you figure out what's going on in your case.

If you'd like to see more videos like this, and you're not...

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Spring Allergies are Around the Corner


I want to talk to you about spring allergies...they are right around the corner.

Every year, most individuals wait until too late... until their nose is already running, until they already have chest congestion, and all that before they start doing anything about their allergies.

I recommend that you use AllerQuench starting at the first week of February so that when you get to the March, April, May, allergy season, your body is ready to efficiently work against those allergies.

In AllerQuench there is quercetin, stinging nettles, tenofend, and bicarbonate salts, that help you reduce the histamine response that happens when you have a sensitivity to the pollens, molds and things around you.

When you take this and build up that defense, it makes the allergy season much reduced from what it would be if you didn't.  No need to wait until you have allergies, and then treat with something that's going to make you groggy, or tired, or not feel good....

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Allergies & COVID...


I want to talk about spring allergies, going into spring 2021. Dealing with spring allergies this year, may be more critical than ever before. No one is going to want to have a runny nose when they're wearing the mask, or runny eyes, chest congestion, that kind of thing.

We're suggesting that individuals that typically have spring allergies, start using AllerQuench beginning the first week of February.  This way, you can reduce those allergy symptoms coming through March, April May, and that will help with outcomes dealing with COVID.

I've also seen many posts out there about Quercetin helping with COVID and the COVID outcomes.  In our AllerQuench product, we have a good healthy dose of quercetin along with stinging nettles, and tenefend.   Those ingredients will help you overcome the congestion,  nasal sinus issues, and all those symptoms that also are dealt with in COVID.

If you want to help yourself out, get AllerQuench...

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Let's talk about eliminating the Big 6.


A lot of times individuals come into my office and they asked me about diet, nutrition, and what they can do to change their health for the better. One of the things that we do is talk about eliminating the Big 6.  

The Big 6 are wheat, corn, soy, dairy, sugar, and peanuts.

Individuals will say, "that's everything that I eat".  Maybe...and that's probably why you're inflamed.

They also ask, "what else is there to eat?"  Well, you basically have all of your vegetables, complex carbs, such as brown rice, quinoa, sweet potatoes, and beans.  You have all your protein sources, and you have all your fruit sources.

In a general day, you should have your meat, fruit, vegetables, and you can have  complex carbs. When you do this, you're going to lead a healthier, less inflamed life.

The next question people ask me is, "why are the big six inflammatory, why do they cause problems"?

When we take wheat, corn, soy, and peanuts, those are all ones...

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4 Reasons You Might Be Struggling to Lose Weight


I want to talk to you about reasons why you may be struggling to lose weight.

There are four big reasons why individuals struggle lose weight.

The first one is, they're eating too many hidden calories and are getting too many calories in their diet.  

They may know that they are supposed to have 2000 calories in a day, and they look at their meals to determine that's exactly what they're getting. But, they don't realize that they're having that coffee with the extra cream, or having six pieces of candy sitting on the desk.  They're eating those little bitty things all through the day, or having chocolate milk instead of regular milk, or that kind of thing. Those extras will add up to multiple different calories in their day.

I was going over a meal plan the other day, and I saw the individual was getting 24 ounces of chocolate milk in their day. That's 600 calories.  That was one third of the calories that was needed for the entire day. When we take out...

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Why Do Women Under Stress Have a Harder Time Losing Weight than Men?


A lot of times I have men and women come into the office and the women have a harder time losing the weight than the men. This is traditionally how it works out.

If you take us back to our primitive bodies, the men in the old time villages would go out and they would fight off the enemy, the tiger, or that kind of thing. The women were resigned to taking care of the children and the camp.

When the village was under attack, the men would go out and fight, or they would run away. Because of this sympathetic response, or adrenal response, they are not hungry so that they can run away and they can go out and fight. They lose weight, so that they can run faster and fight better.

Women would take the children and go hide in a cave, or hide in the huts with them, and protect them without being able to forage or gain more calories.

So, when the adrenals go up in a man, he tends to lose weight and in a woman, she tends to gain weight.  She will hold on to every ounce of...

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What's the difference between lifestyle and diet?


I have a lot of patients ask me about my diet and the way I live. A lot of times I begin to talk about and hear, "I can't eat that way. I can't do it that way".

The reason is, they're looking for a diet, and really, what I am providing is a lifestyle.  A lifestyle that's going to make you happier and healthier.

For those of you that knew me 10 years ago, you would know that my diet was horrible, and therefore, my lifestyle was horrible.

In the morning, I'd wake up and have six to nine Pop Tarts and a bottle of Mountain Dew.   Mid morning I'd have a Mountain Dew and a banana. For lunch, I'd have two Mountain Dews and six bologna sandwiches with extra cheese and extra Mayo. Mid afternoon, I'd have another Mountain Dew and a banana. Finally, for supper, I have two oven baked pizzas, and two Mountain Dews.

This is how I went six or seven days a week...every week, every year.  And, I didn't feel good. I hurt all over, I gained weight, I was flabby, I...

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Secondary Immunity


I just recently recovered from COVID-19, and am starting to get back my energy & feeling good.

I'm down here in the gym working out, and started thinking about the things that  we're missing out on, for people that are post viral they need to recover and things they need to look for in the future.

I know that out there in the world they're talking about you may not have immunity, you may catch it again, and that type of thing, but really, if you understand immunology, you understand that there's a primary response and a secondary response.

The primary response happens when you first get the virus.  Your immune system comes out, attacks it, kills it, and makes some short term antibodies, usually for 30 to 90 days.  This is a primary immune response.

The immune response that you want, is the one that is a secondary response.  It's the one that lasts you up to 10 years.  This is what you get if you've had a secondary exposure, or if...

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My COVID Recovery Recommendations

Dr. Thoma here, and I just want to let you know that while I did have COVID, I am now fully recovered.
It may not have been as bad as I'd expected, I wish I would have got it back in March or April and been done with it. I had a little bit of congestion, a little bit of difficulty breathing, but mostly aches, pains and chills.
After 48 hours, I was feeling much better, and have resumed working out and doing everyday life things here at home, while I finished up my quarantine, which ended last weekend.
Some things that helped me get through this a little easier:
  • I took extra vitamin D, particularly DK fuel by PuraWell.
  • I took Standard Process Pneumotrophin to keep the lungs clear and operating correctly.
  • I increased my Vitamin C slightly.
  • I took Immuno Fuel by PuraWell.

Those are the main things that I took, which seemed to help me recover extremely quickly.

If you're one of those individuals that has come down with COVID, or...

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