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Restless Legs Keeping You Up?


If you're struggling with restless leg syndrome, and it's keeping you awake at night, first thing you should do is to increase your water intake.  Next is to increase your magnesium and try CoQ10.

If those things don't work, it may actually be that your iron levels are off.

If you'll give us a call here at the office, we'll get you tested to figure out exactly where your iron levels are and help you get an increase those levels as needed.

If your legs are restless enough to keep you awake at night, and you have tried to increasing your water intake, or taking a magnesium or CoQ10 supplement, then give us call, we'll help you out by testing your iron levels.

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Killing Viruses


Dr. Thoma here, I want to talk to you about viruses today.

Many of you know about the Coronavirus, and all the horrible things that go on with it, but many individuals don't know that there are good viruses out there.  Viruses that are actually good for your gut. They're called commensal viruses, they help rebuild the epithelial lining of your gut.

Without those commensal viruses, you actually become very sick and end up having IBS IBS-C and the other things that go with having diarrhea and upset stomach. Those can be caused by killing out the healthy viruses in your gut.

When you're looking at supplements, don't look at ones that just kill off viruses indiscriminately, look for ones that help build your immune system properly. They're going to help get your immune system to the proper level so that you're not having autoimmune diseases, allergies, and that kind of thing, yet you have enough immune system to fight off the bad ones.

Pay attention to what you're...

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Zinc - Too Much Is Too Much


Dr. Thoma here to talk to you about zinc.

Lately, I'm having a lot of patients that are having neuropathies and stomach issues because they're getting too much zinc.  The upper limits of zinc should be about 40 milligrams, maximum 80 milligrams, in special situations.  

I see a lot of individuals taking multiple zinc supplements along with zinc lozenges, and it's causing quite a bit of distress. They're coming in with feet they can't feel, tingling in the hands, and they don't realize they're getting as much zinc as they are.  

Primarily, this is because they are not adding up what they're getting in one segment and another, or they're popping zinc lozenges as candy, all day long, thinking that they're protecting themselves from viruses, and yet they're causing themselves a lot more problems.

Zinc also takes the place of copper in our body and causes some hemoglobin issues, which makes us tired and sluggish.

So, if you're getting zinc from multiple...

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The Mystery of Your IBS

digestion ibs Nov 03, 2020

Dr. Thoma here to tell you about some of the things I'm seeing my practice lately and  some misdiagnosis that's going on, one of them is with IBS.

I have a number of patients coming in, and they're having colonoscopies or they're having the endoscopies, or having all kinds of treatments to figure out exactly what's going on. And in the end, they're not having any answers.

A lot of times IBS is because of medications that you might be on, it might be bacterial overgrowth, or it might be because of food sensitivities.  It takes a little closer look at those three things to see what's going on.

Lately, I found a number of individuals that are on a statin drug that's actually causing them to have IBS.

If you began to have IBS, go back and see what changed in your medications the previous month.   See if there's a food that's triggering you, go back and see if maybe it's possibly anxiety or stress that's happening with the COVID virus, or with other situations...

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You Can't Outrun a Poor Diet

diet health vitamins Oct 27, 2020

Dr. Thoma here to talk to you about vegetables.

I know, all the time, I'm talking about water, water, water, water.  That's really the number one thing you can do for your health. The number two thing that you can do for your health is to eat vegetables.

I keep running into individuals, whether they be children, or elderly, that have begun to have problems in their life, because they're not getting vegetables.

You think that you can take a vitamin and overcome that. But the truth is, you get coenzymes and you get nutrients from vegetables that you can't get in any type of vitamin form.

If you're not eating your vegetables, you need to know that you're going to have some kind of health issue related to that. Get your servings of vegetables each day and it will change your life.

You can't outrun a poor diet. 

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Lift Your Chest for Great Posture

back chest posture shoulder Oct 20, 2020

In this video, high in the mountains of Park City Utah, Dr. Thoma teaches you how to lift your chest to improve your posture.

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Water is Essential

health nutrition water Oct 13, 2020

What's the best water to drink to avoid dehydration?  Learn more from Dr. Thoma in Logan Canyon Utah.

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Difficulty Breathing in High Altitudes?

breathing supplements Oct 06, 2020

Dr. Thoma comes to us from the mountains of southern Idaho to share his recommendations if you have difficulty breathing in high altitudes.

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The Importance of Grounding

grounding nature Sep 29, 2020

From Antelope Island Utah, Dr. Thoma shares his thoughts on the importance of grounding to ensure our body is functioning properly.  The power of nature should not be underestimated.

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Not All Salt Is Created Equal

diet electrolytes salt Sep 22, 2020

On location at the Great Salt Lake, Dr. Thoma shares his thoughts on the importance of getting the right type of salt in your diet.

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