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Strengthen Your Glute Max

back pain exercises glute Sep 01, 2020

One of the common complaints Dr. Thoma sees in his office is weak glute max, which causes back pain particularly in the lower back.  

In this video he shows you an easy exercise he recommends to his patients for strengthening the glute max.  He also covers some of the common mistakes patients make when doing this exercise and how to ensure you are working the correct muscles.

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It's Fall Allergy Time of Year


While it might only be August, fall allergy season has started to arrive.  In this video, Dr. Thoma shares how he manages his fall allergies by starting early in the season.

If you're interested in obtaining Aller Quench by PuraWell, you can pick it up at the office, add it to you Doctor Supplement Store order, or order directly at www.

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MTHFR Gene Transposition Testing


Dr. Thoma sees several patients who have come to him feeling tired and having brain fog.  Through laboratory testing, they have identified that these patients have a MTHFR gene transposition.  This gene transposition alters their methylation.  

Dr. Thoma has seen success in providing these patients with supplementation that improves their symptoms and puts them on the path to success.

If you're wondering whether or not you have this transposition in your DNA, Dr. Thoma can help you get simple lab testing to confirm.  He has negotiated a great price for this test and is passing that savings on to you.  Call the office at 636-207-6600 to get started.  

Dr. Thoma can assist patients in Missouri, Southern Illinois, Arkansas, Kansas, and Nebraska virtually for this testing.

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Better Sleep


Are you wondering how to get a better nights sleep? 

Dr. Thoma has some recommendations for how to get a better nights sleep including some behavior changes, as well as supplements and products that can help you relax and prepare your body for sleep.

The products he mentions, Mag Fuel and 5HTP Enhance, are available at our office, or at

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Testing Your Thyroid Health


In this video, Dr. Thoma explains his views on Thyroid Health and testing.  It is common that a patients previous thyroid testing doesn't include all testing necessary to fully determine what is happening with the thyroid for that patient.  

If you're feeling the symptoms of thyroid imbalance, but don't feel like you've been properly diagnosed in the past, have Dr. Thoma give you a second opinion.

Dr. Thoma has negotiated great pricing for thyroid tests and is passing that savings on to you.  Call the office, at 636-207-6600 to arrange testing.  

Dr. Thoma can provide virtual assistance to you if you are located in the Missouri, Southern Illinois, Arkansas. Kansas, and Nebraska regions.

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Does Lifting Cause You Shoulder Strain?

lifting muscles shoulders Jul 28, 2020

Are you finding that your shoulders feel sore and strained after picking up and lifting items?  It could be that you're not using some of your strongest muscles.  Learn more about using the right muscles for lifting in this video from Dr. Thoma.

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Strain in Your Shoulders and Elbows

elbow shoulder strain Jul 21, 2020

Dr. Thoma has seen an uptick in complaints about strain in shoulders and elbows in recent months.  It turns out that new habits, developed in Coronavirus lockdown may be the culprit.  In this video, learn from Dr. Thoma how to prevent this strain and replace this habit.

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Do you have pain going down stairs?


In this video, Dr. Thoma shares stretches especially designed to relieve the pain with going downhill, or up and down stairs.  If you find your knees and upper legs, known as quadriceps, cause you pain on stairs and hills, implementing these stretches into your normal routine will help to relieve that pain and allow you to continue your normal activities.

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How to Walk Properly


Dr. Thoma discusses the importance of walking correctly to avoid and improve lower back pain.  

Strengthening the muscles in your body, and retraining your body how to walk correctly will make a big difference in improving your back pain over the long term.  

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Stop Touching Your Face!


Dr. Thoma explains how he is protecting and caring for his family during this pandemic situation.

His primary advice...keep your hands off your face! 

This is a primary habit that we can all create now, or in a normal situation, to keep you and your family safe from even the simple cold or flu.

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