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Allergies After Traveling

Are you like many of my patients who seem to have no allergies while they are traveling, but have symptoms as soon as they return home?

In this video, Dr. Thoma discusses why this happens, and what you can do to make sure that your allergies don't return with a vengeance after you travel.

If you're struggling with allergy symptoms because of travel, or just in general, stop by the office for Aller Quench, or order it directly from PuraWell, this should reduce your symptoms and help you get back to normal sooner.

As always, I am happy to discuss this further at your next appointment!

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It's Fall Allergy Time of Year


While it might only be August, fall allergy season has started to arrive.  In this video, Dr. Thoma shares how he manages his fall allergies by starting early in the season.

If you're interested in obtaining Aller Quench by PuraWell, you can pick it up at the office, add it to you Doctor Supplement Store order, or order directly at www.

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