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Topical Pain Relief Could Be On The Way

Recently Dr. Thoma was asked the best method to treat pain, topically.  As a result of that question, he is currently working with PuraWell to create a topical pain balm.

Based on his research, he has created a formula that incorporates the best of pain relief from Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America, to meet his criteria for a topical pain relief formula.

With the samples that we've already shared, we've seen amazing results.  In this video, Dr. Thoma explains more about this product, and how to get your hands on your own sample.

Dr. Thoma is a functional health practitioner in Chesterfield Missouri, you can schedule an appointment directly with Dr. Thoma by calling 636-207-6600.  You can also request your sample with your order at

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Lifting With Your Legs and Core

back pain lifting Jun 01, 2021

How many times have you, like many patients, lifted or moved something heavy and strained your back?

In this video, Dr. Thoma demonstrates and explains proper lifting technique to ensure that you are using your legs and core, instead of your back.  Learning how to lift and move heavy things properly will protect your back as you age and help you to continue strengthening your flute max and abdominals.

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Dr. Thoma is a functional medicine physician in Chesterfield Missouri who specializes in helping individuals identify the root cause of their health issues.  You can schedule an appointment with Dr. Thoma by calling 636-207-6600.

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Exercises for Back Pain: Back Extension

Dr. Thoma demonstrates back extensions to relieve lower back tension and pain.

For more videos, follow Dr. Thoma on Facebook at @TotalHealthCorrection and Instagram @drchristopherthoma. You an schedule an appointment directly with Dr. Thoma by calling 636-207-6600.


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Standing Low Back Stretches


If you're looking for some back exercises without having to get down on the floor, Dr. Thoma demonstrates a simple standing exercise.  The exercise will stretch the low back muscles and relieve tension in that area.

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Strengthen Your Glute Max

back pain exercises glute Sep 01, 2020

One of the common complaints Dr. Thoma sees in his office is weak glute max, which causes back pain particularly in the lower back.  

In this video he shows you an easy exercise he recommends to his patients for strengthening the glute max.  He also covers some of the common mistakes patients make when doing this exercise and how to ensure you are working the correct muscles.

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How to Walk Properly


Dr. Thoma discusses the importance of walking correctly to avoid and improve lower back pain.  

Strengthening the muscles in your body, and retraining your body how to walk correctly will make a big difference in improving your back pain over the long term.  

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Stretches for the Lower Back


Dr. Thoma demonstrates Cat & Cow stretches to help relieve lower back pain and stiffness.

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