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What is SIBO?

Have you been told you have SIBO but don't know what that means?  Or, have you been having digestion, and other health issues like anxiety, that seem to be connected to your gut?

In this video, Dr. Thoma discusses Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth, also known as SIBO.  He covers the signs and symptoms of SIBO along with recommendations for how to overcome it.


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Killing Viruses


Dr. Thoma here, I want to talk to you about viruses today.

Many of you know about the Coronavirus, and all the horrible things that go on with it, but many individuals don't know that there are good viruses out there.  Viruses that are actually good for your gut. They're called commensal viruses, they help rebuild the epithelial lining of your gut.

Without those commensal viruses, you actually become very sick and end up having IBS IBS-C and the other things that go with having diarrhea and upset stomach. Those can be caused by killing out the healthy viruses in your gut.

When you're looking at supplements, don't look at ones that just kill off viruses indiscriminately, look for ones that help build your immune system properly. They're going to help get your immune system to the proper level so that you're not having autoimmune diseases, allergies, and that kind of thing, yet you have enough immune system to fight off the bad ones.

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