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MTHFR Gene Transposition Testing


Dr. Thoma sees several patients who have come to him feeling tired and having brain fog.  Through laboratory testing, they have identified that these patients have a MTHFR gene transposition.  This gene transposition alters their methylation.  

Dr. Thoma has seen success in providing these patients with supplementation that improves their symptoms and puts them on the path to success.

If you're wondering whether or not you have this transposition in your DNA, Dr. Thoma can help you get simple lab testing to confirm.  He has negotiated a great price for this test and is passing that savings on to you.  Call the office at 636-207-6600 to get started.  

Dr. Thoma can assist patients in Missouri, Southern Illinois, Arkansas, Kansas, and Nebraska virtually for this testing.

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Testing Your Thyroid Health


In this video, Dr. Thoma explains his views on Thyroid Health and testing.  It is common that a patients previous thyroid testing doesn't include all testing necessary to fully determine what is happening with the thyroid for that patient.  

If you're feeling the symptoms of thyroid imbalance, but don't feel like you've been properly diagnosed in the past, have Dr. Thoma give you a second opinion.

Dr. Thoma has negotiated great pricing for thyroid tests and is passing that savings on to you.  Call the office, at 636-207-6600 to arrange testing.  

Dr. Thoma can provide virtual assistance to you if you are located in the Missouri, Southern Illinois, Arkansas. Kansas, and Nebraska regions.

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